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COVID-19 and the Stock Market with Derek Horstmeyer

Host Robert Appel sits down with Derek Horstmeyer, Associate Professor, Co-Founder & Director of the GMU Student Managed Investment Fund, and Director of Financial Planning & Wealth Management at Mason’s School of Business. On this episode, Derek shares insights on the impact COVID-19 has on the stock market, and how to effectively keep stock of your investments during this time. 

Small Business Security Amidst COVID-19 with Jim Wolfe

Host Robert Appel welcomes Jim Wolfe, Associate Professor and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Mason’s School of Business. On this episode, Jim discusses steps businesses can take to whether the impact of COVID-19.

Burnout Amongst Medical Professionals with Victoria Grady, PhD.

Our special host Paige Wolf, associate professor of Management and associate dean of Graduate Programs, sits down with Victoria Grady, assistant professor and director of the MS in Management program. On this episode, Victoria shares insight on her collaborative research pilot centered around attachment styles in organizations, and its relation to burnout in the medical field.

Corporate Development Strategies for Government Contractors with Jim Hasik

Host Robert Appel sits down with Jim Hasik, senior research fellow at the Center for Government Contracting in the School of Business at George Mason University, and a non-resident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. On this episode, Jim shares insights on the impact of corporate development strategies for government contractors, especially the connection between startups and established firms.

Job Seeking during COVID-19 with Kimberly Blue

Host Robert Appel sits down with Kimberly Blue, Graduate Programs career manager for George Mason University's School of Business. During this episode, Blue shares insights about career readiness, professional development, and job seeking during COVID-19.