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Scholarships for Tomorrow's
Women Business Leaders

The Women in Business Initiative Scholarship Fund was created to support the next generation of women business leaders. We award two need and merit-based $1,000 scholarships to female students at the School of Business each academic year.

Thanks to tireless fundraising and dogged determination, we reached our first endowment goal of $50,000 in only two years. We continue to grow the endowment through our networking fundraisers, such as our annual wine tasting event, and generous donations from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Meet Our 2017-2018 Recipients

Like one third of Mason students, one awardee will be the first college graduate in her family. As a single parent working a full-time job while attending Mason, this scholarship has helped her cover tuition costs. Upon graduation, she will embark on a career of her choosing that will allow her to support her family.

Our second awardee works several part-time jobs to cover the cost of attending school full-time. The scholarship allowed her to quit one of her jobs and secure an accounting internship, where she hopes to gain more practical experiences for her future career. A high-achieving student, she has attended the UN Champion Women Empowerment Conference, serves as an adviser for Millennials and Business Strategies, and volunteers with Give Kids the World.

Support Future Scholarship Recipients

Be part of our success – and help other young women achieve their college (and career) dreams.

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