George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits missing from your transfer evaluation worksheet or your online Degree Evaluation? Do you think that you have taken a requirement previously, but the course is not transferring appropriately?

These are two very important questions asked by most transfer students during the first few weeks at a new school. Below are the answers to these questions and some helpful hints on transferring credits:

  • If you have taken a course that does not appear on your transfer evaluation, you need to complete the Transfer Credit Inquiry form.  Submit the completed form to the Enrollment Central Desk, SUB I, lower level.
  • If you are a Virginia Community College System transfer student and you think a course should have transferred as a Mason equivalent, all VCCS business courses have been evaluated and your course is not considered as an equivalent.
  • For all Community College transfers, Community College courses are not considered equivalent to Mason business courses with numbers of 300 and above and are not awarded transfer equivalency.
  • For students who have taken courses at colleges or universities outside of the Virginia Community College System: If you have taken a course which you think is equivalent to a Mason course, but it shows up differently on your transfer credit evaluation, you may request a reevaluation of this course. Submit the Transfer Credit Reevaluation Appeal Form.
  • Special Note: Transfer students have additional options for meeting the Western Civilization general education requirement. Please check your degree evaluation to determine if your previous western civilization coursework has been applied. If not, follow the transfer credit reevaluation appeal process outlined above.
  • Mason's Office of Admissions has provided some course equivalency information online. This is not a complete list for all schools.
  • For all reevaluations:
    • All reevaluations must be completed during your first academic year at Mason.
    • Carefully read the description in the Mason catalog to make certain it is equivalent to the course you want reevaluated.
    • You must have an official description of the course or the syllabus. This description needs to be on the other institution’s letterhead, out of their catalog or on their official website. Do not submit a textbook without the official syllabus for the course.
    • If the course you want reevaluated is not a School of Business course, you will need to meet with the department where the course is taught for them to determine if the course is the equivalent. There is a place for their signature on the Reevaluation form. The form must be returned by the department to the Office of Admissions to complete the reevaluation process.
    • For School of Business courses, please submit the reevalution form and the required course documents to the Office of Office of Academic and Career Services, Enterprise Hall, Room 008.
    • Students may only receive major course credit for courses taken at schools with AACSB and/or EQUIS accreditation.
    • Note: It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to process the request.
    • Only courses passed with a grade of C or better will transfer.
  • For International students only:
    • Submit one copy of your international evaluation with your reevaluation request as well as official course descriptions for reevaluation courses. Get these descriptions before you leave your country if possible. Keep copies for future use. We need this to determine the level and credits for the course.
    • Official course description must be in English or an official translation.  For translation of documents into English, please see the following web page: www.atanet.org