George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Four Year Plans

The School of Business provides students sample plans showing recommended course sequences to complete their degree. Students are strongly encouraged to use these sample 4-year plans to map their path to graduation. These plans are starting points and provide recommended paths from which students can plot these requirements into their own long range plan.

Below are the sample plans for each of our concentrations:


The School of Business sponsors a Bachelor's of Science degree in which the major is Business. Students are then able to select their desired concentration, which focuses their business major into a specific area. This is designed to expose students to all areas of business, while still providing a designated focus within the area of their choice.

Mason Core:
General education courses that all students must take regardless of major. A complete list of Mason Core courses can be found here.

Business Foundations:
Helping students answer the questions "What is Business?" and provide foundational knowledge to prepare students for upper-level courses. (NOTE: all Business Foundations courses are subject to the 3 attempt repeat policy)

Business Core:
Exposes students to multiple areas of Business to help them become well-rounded business who are prepared for today's competitive job market. (NOTE: all Business Core courses are subject to the 3 attempt repeat policy)

Concentration courses:
All Business concentrations are 21 credit hours with required courses and electives in the chosen subject area.

You can find a complete list of degree requirements in the programs section of the university catalog