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Ideas with Impact

Research Explores the Relationship between Female Board Representation and Corpo...

If gender diversity has a positive association with corporate social responsibil [ ... ]

Engaging with the United Nations

C. Kat Grimsley, director of the MS in Real Estate Development program, has made [ ... ]

WIBI Business of the Year Recipient Paints a Trail for Businesswomen

Raea Jean Leinster, BA Russian Area Studies ’92, launched Yuck Old Paint, LLC  [ ... ]

From Peace Corps to an MBA: The Business of Doing Good

Alizabeth Brady (MBA ’17) was a Peace Corps Rural Health and Sanitation volun [ ... ]

Using Geospatial Technology to Promote Economic Development of Africa

The concept of establishing development state models in Africa is not new, but i [ ... ]

Not Your Typical Destination: Students Study Gross National Happiness in Bhutan

How can you see culture? Books. Movies. Literature. Lectures. Studying a foreign [ ... ]

Discussing Women’s Economic Empowerment with B4BW Affiliate Faculty Ruta Aidis

Ruta Aidis is interested in the social, economic and institutional phenomena tha [ ... ]

Supporting the Honey Bee to Make the World a Better Place

There is so much more to honey bees than producing honey, and at George Mason Un [ ... ]

Media Mentions

Woke Washing and Rainbow Capitalism: Business Schools Can Improve Corporate Ally...

September 17 - INSIGHT Into Diversity Consumers are beginning to see throu [ ... ]

The Surprising Risks of Investing in ESG Funds

September 16 - The Wall Street Journal  Derek Horstmeyer, professor of Fin [ ... ]

6 Best High Dividend Mutual Funds And ETFs

September 15 - WhatsNew2Day Derek Horstmeyer, professor of Finance, was in [ ... ]

Union Efforts at Google and Apple are the Shape of Labor to Come

September 10 - Fortune Director of the MS in Management program Victoria Grady  [ ... ]

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Managing Your Credit

September 8 - MoneyGeek Laurie Meamber, associate professor of Marketing, was i [ ... ]

2021’s Best & Worst Places to Retire

September 7 - WalletHub Jason Howell, adjunct faculty of finance, was interview [ ... ]

Revisiting Beta: How Well Has Beta Predicted Returns?

September 1 - CFA Institute Derek Horstmeyer, professor of Finance, and gr [ ... ]