Faculty Profile: Jinyuan Song, Assistant Professor of Management

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Jinyuan (Stephanie) Song joined the School of Business in the summer of 2019 as an assistant professor of management. One of the school’s research-focused faculty members, Song’s research interests focus on strategic leadership, organizational change, and stakeholder management in competition.

Jinyuan Song
Jinyuan Song

“My research questions are mainly motivated by upper echelons theory, stakeholder theory, and competitive dynamic studies, and also my real-world observations,” says Song. “In particular, I examine how executives and board members’ characteristics affect firms’ effectiveness in making decisions and adaptation to the new business environment that is fulfilled with economic, technological, and social changes, such as industry convergence, the development of AI, and the breakout of COVID-19.”

In addition to her research, for Song, her students have provided her with her most memorable moments during her first year at George Mason University.

During this challenging year with the outbreak of COVID-19, Song says she was impressed by how well the students adapted. “They attended classes virtually, tried their best to coordinate with classmates, and engaged in class,” says Song. “Everybody continues to show their understanding and support towards each other.”

While teaching BUS 498 Capstone Course: Advanced Business Models, in fall 2019, Song says she was inspired by the perseverance of two students, Deena Awad and Dana Marcolla-Gattasse, who were determined to win the Capstone Case Competition, and then did just that. “I was fascinated by their determination and passion, but since it was my first time leading teams to the case competition, I was not as confident as they were. The final results proved how important goals and commitment can be,” says Song.

The Capstone Course is a culmination course at Mason concluding with the Capstone Case Competition where students analyze a case and prepare a presentation identifying key issues, and providing recommendations for improving the company’s competitive position. Presented to a panel of community business professionals as judges, the winner receives a cash prize of $1,500. “When the winners were announced, the students immediately came and gave me a hug. As the instructor, this was a invaluable moment filled with honor and satisfaction.”

Song says that since her relocation from Pennsylvania, she has been actively engaged with the Mason community and worked hard to build connections with Mason alumni. “I often invite Mason alumni to speak in my classes, which enables my students to hear more industrial insights directly from those working in these industries,” says Song.

Jinyuan holds a PhD in management from Penn State University and an MBA from Yale University. In her free time she enjoys drawing, playing tennis, and spending time with her nine-year old son.