George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Mason B.S. Accounting Majors: Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Program

  • No GMAT required!
  • Graduate courses taken during your senior year are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate, so you save both time and money on your education. 
  • 3-6 credits can count toward your master’s and your bachelor’s (advanced standing).
  • Up to 6 additional credits can be taken as reserve credit (only count towards the MSA).
  • Build time into your schedule to complete an internship and improve your employment options.
  • Part-time and online options also available.
  • Preference is given for scholarships and assistantships. 
  1. 1. Overview

    The Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's in Accounting program, also known as MSAccel, is for undergraduate B.S. in Accounting students currently enrolled at George Mason University School of Business. 

    You can gain a Master’s degree in Accounting and fulfill the CPA requirement in an additional 11 months.

    With MSAccel, during the last two semesters as an undergraduate, you take graduate courses that later apply to your master’s degree.  After you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, and transition to the Master’s in Accounting (MSA) program, you may have already earned 3-12 credits toward the 30-credit master’s degree.

  2. 2. Eligibility
    • Current undergraduate accounting student at George Mason University School of Business
    • Students must have a minimum cumulative 3.0
    • Earned at least 75 semester hours
    Please note: Students cannot enroll in graduate courses until they have earned 90 credits.

  3. 3. Requirements

    MSAccel applicants must submit: 

  4. 4. Application Procedure

    Instructions on how to get to the BAM application:

    • Go to our online application 
    • Sign up for an account
    • Once set up, click the “Start A New Application” button
    • You will need to select the “Start Application” button under the “Degree-Seeking and Accelerated Masters” section. 
    • A set of questions will appear 
      • What level are you applying? Please select “4 – Accelerated Masters (for Mason Undergraduate Students Only)”
      • What campus are you applying for? Please select “On-Campus”
      • What degree-seeking program are you applying for? Please select “Accounting – MS”
      • Term: Select the term you will start your graduate degree. This should be the term after your undergraduate degree is awarded.
    • Once you answer all the appropriate fields, the bachelor's accelerated master's form will appear. Please complete that form and submit it. When you get to the recommendation section, please input the following: 
      • First Name: MSA
      • Last Name: Advisor
      • Email: msa@gmu.edu 
  5. 5. Checking Your Application Status

    The processing time for the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s applications is 5 to 10 business days after submission of the online application.

  6. 6. Notification and Registration

    If your Bachelor's Accelerated Master’s application is approved, you will receive a notice of approval via the admissions web portal. You will be notified via e-mail when a decision has been made. The name of your graduate advisor will be provided in this correspondence.

    Approved Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s participants will be allowed to register for graduate courses via PatriotWeb after at least 90 hours of undergraduate degree credits have been earned. Those who were previously listed under Junior or Senior status in Patriot Web, will now be listed as "Senior Plus."

    Please note that approval of specific courses on the application does not guarantee a specific course section will be open or offered at the time of registration.

    Approval for the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s program only guarantees admission to a degree program IF the student maintains the required GPA and follows all of the Transition to Graduate Status admission instructions listed below. The following courses have been approved by the Accounting faculty, Graduate Policy Committee, and Undergraduate Policy Committee to count toward the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s in Accounting program.


    *Prior to AY 20-21, ACCT 303 was numbered ACCT 330. These courses are equivalent.

  7. 7. Transition to Graduate Status

    In order to be formally admitted to the M.S. in Accounting:

    • Students must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA and grades of C or above (on the first attempt) in all accounting major courses.
      • Students with an accounting grade below a C may apply and may be accepted with approval from the program director
    • Students must earn at least 3 credits in a 600-level accounting course with a grade of B or higher.
    • File your intent to graduate in the final semester of your undergraduate degree. http://registrar.gmu.edu/graduation/index.html
    • At the beginning of your final undergraduate semester, meet with your graduate advisor to have your Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM) Transition Form signed and approved. This form can be found online at: http://registrar.gmu.edu/wp-content/uploads/BAMT.pdf
    • Your graduate advisor will submit the BAM Transition Form to the Graduate Admissions Office (OGA) and will then be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Once the BAM Transition Form has been processed by OGA and the Registrar, you will receive an official admission letter to the graduate program via the admissions web portal. You will be required to confirm enrollment in the graduate program. If this form is not received by Graduate Admissions, you will not be eligible to be formally admitted to your graduate program.
    • If you would like to qualify for in-state tuition for your graduate program, you must also submit a new domicile form (http://admissions.gmu.edu/documents/domicileApplication.pdf) with your BAM Transition Form to Graduate Admissions.
    • During your first semester as a graduate student, applicable credits will be designated “Advanced Standing.”

    Note: All graduate courses students taken are subject to the same rules and regulations as indicated in the University Catalog.