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To ensure a successful tomorrow for all, society must come to expect more of business; of what it prioritizes, who it serves, and how it leads. Some companies have already taken tremendous steps in the direction of this new vision. But to meet the challenges of our time, all businesses must realize that their purpose extends beyond creating short-term value for shareholders.

At George Mason University’s Business for a Better World Center (B4BW), we believe that business can, and should, be a force for good in the world. Achieving this vision requires changing not just what business expects of itself, but what the rest of us demand of it. For the sake of our planet and people across the globe, we commit to making this transformation a reality by working inside the classroom and out, as we prepare everyone to act with people, planet, and prosperity in mind.

Looking for more detail? Our 2020-2021 Annual Report has you covered.

Mission CircleAt B4BW, we:

Educate the next generation of leaders so they are ready to take on the world’s complex challenges
Generate knowledge that transforms business “as usual”
Bring together leaders across sectors to exchange ideas and generate new ways of doing things
Change the world for the better by actively engaging in action-oriented partnerships with organizations and communities
Lead an international movement to reshape business education for the world

How Beef Changed America, A Conversation with Joshua Specht, Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame

This fall, we are pleased to welcome Joshua Specht to campus to discuss his recent book, Red Meat Republic: A Hoof-to-Table History of How BeefInsta B4BW 2022 Speaker Series JS Changed America. Specht, an environmental and business historian of the United States, explores how American rich and poor came to expect affordable high-quality fresh beef. The book further outlines the human and environmental costs of this abundance.

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Bringing business leaders to campus, and to our students specifically, is central to our mission. Our Speaker Series brings social impact and sustainability thought leaders from top-tier companies directly to our students where they discuss the issues facing our world.

Telemundo Washington D.C. Visits our Fairfax Campus Apiary

Learning more about the dual, educational and economic, purpose of HBI, reporter Joseph Martinez discovers that if bees don't thrive, neither do we.