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Center for Retail Transformation

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The Center for Retail Transformation aspires to be a go-to resource for startup, small, and medium sized retailers and other members of the retail ecosystem.

The Center is developing strategic partnerships and alliances with retail sector leaders, trade associations, and key government entities with oversight and interaction with the retail sector. The center will leverage those relationships to enhance George Mason’s ability to educate retail leaders and practitioners, including Mason School of Business students and retail sector visitors from around the world.

The partnerships will also inform and enhance the center’s research into retail industry trends and changes. The center will produce fact-based, data-driven forecasts of industry trends, as well as customer perceptions of retailers and the industry as a whole. Consistent with the School of Business’ emphasis on sustainability, the center will promote socially-responsible retail initiatives, and encourage the industry to adopt innovative best practices.

The Center aspires to:

Center for Retail Transformation Mission