She found a welcoming community at Mason


School of Business student Marium Haque came to the United States from Bangladesh when the visas that her aunt applied for when she was three years old were finally granted.

Once here, she supported herself by working full-time. Her first job was at Wendy's, and she discovered she loved learning about business. She enrolled in community college but after one year, applied and was accepted to Mason, where she found her community and never looked back. 

While some of her family members worried that she would not be accepted because she wears the Hijab, she has always felt at home at Mason. A professor she admires challenged her class to "risk being fully seen in all your glory" and she took that advice to heart. She found her chosen family away from home in the Bengali Patriots, served as a resident advisor on campus for the past two years, and has excelled in her field of choice - Business Analytics.