Mason Alumnus Brian Kearney ’02 Supports the Success of Hardworking Students

In the third grade, Brian Kearney began working for the family business making copies of tax returns.  Seventeen years later, as he began his college search, Kearney sought a university that would enable him to continue working while getting a formal education.  For Kearney, Mason’s proximity to home and flexibility in scheduling made for a perfect fit.

True to his objectives, Kearney made it a point to continue working while earning his degree at Mason.  He served as the original manager of the university’s Aquatics and Fitness Center, waited tables, and even coached local high school soccer and basketball teams.

Since graduating from Mason in 2002, Kearney has become chief operating officer at Kearney & Company, where community outreach is a priority.  As an executive at the company, he found his Mason experience to be one of inspiration when seeking opportunities to enrich the community.  Having done it himself, Kearney knew the challenges and sacrifice that come with the need to work through college.  It was this awareness that influenced the Kearney & Company Scholarship at Mason’s School of Business.

The scholarship seeks to support an exceptional junior or senior accounting student with academic merit and a passion for civic service who has maintained a job while pursuing his/her degree.  In Kearney’s mind, “Allow me to support you financially so you have the ability to focus on your studies.”

Kearney & CompanyBeyond contributing to student success while attending Mason, Kearney & Company is known to provide the very best “real world experience” for students and recent alumni as a top intern and entry-level employer.  Kearney himself takes great pride in the Mason students and alumni working at the firm.  He notes that employees from Mason come with a level of confidence in the workplace that is often missing from those of other universities.  He feels the combination of real-world applications in the classroom and a working culture sets Mason apart.

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