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The purpose of a resume is to get an interview, but they alone will not get you the job in most cases. Resumes are considered to be a truthful and completely accurate account of your qualifications.

Types of Resumes:

Reverse Chronological Resumes are used when you have a significant amount of continuous experience. Functional Resumes are used when you do not have a lot of experience in the specific area of work. Instead, you group your skills and qualities into 3 or 4 functional areas. Hybrid Resumes are a combination of Chronological and Functional Resumes. Lastly, Government Resumes are used when applying to Federal Government jobs. They contain more detailed information on each position you have held.


Identifying Information

The first and biggest thing on your resume should be your name. You should also include your phone number, address, and professional email that an employer would be able to leave a message. Remember to set up a professional voicemail message!

Objective or Summary of Qualifications

Completely optional, an objective or summary of qualifications is used when you need to add space to your resume or when you are targeting to a specific position or to highlight a skill you offer.


In your education section of your resume, be sure to include the exact degree you are getting, the name of any colleges/universities you attended, dates attended or graduation date, and GPA as long as it is above 3.0. Optional items to include are honors/awards or relevant coursework.


The experience section is the bulk of your resume and can include paid, unpaid, part-time, full-time, volunteer, or project based experience. You will want to include the position title, name of the employer/organization, city and state location, dates, and major accomplishments/responsibilities. Your accomplishments/responsibilities should be written in past tense bullets. Start with a strong action verb and condense your accomplishments/responsibilities into 3-5 concrete tasks.

Leadership Activities/Extracurricular Activities

You should include any leadership/extracurricular Activities that help set you apart from other candidates. Depending on how much space you have on your resume, you can bullet your main accomplishments/responsibilities in 3-5 points or list your position and organization.


Your skills section should only include technical and language skills. List any computer software programs you are familiar with. With your language skills, list how proficient you are with that language.


  • Check for grammatical, spelling, and typing errors
  • Limit your resume to 1-2 pages and avoid proper pronouns
  • Focus on the skills the employer is looking for

Résumé Samples

For more information, log in to the Career Management Organization under the "organization" tab in your Blackboard account. If you still have questions or want assistance in choosing the correct type of resume, please meet with a Career Consultant or email mycareer@gmu.edu.