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Career Services Student Information

Student Policies & Procedures

All current School of Business undergradute and graduate students as well as Alumni will be held to the policies and procedures listed below. If you have any questions or concerns please email the Career Services Office at mycareer@gmu.edu.


Handshake is exclusively for the Mason community. Only current students and alumni can log in to Handshake using their PatriotPass credentials. If you are a student or alumni and cannot access Handshake please call our office at 703-993-2140 or email mycareer@gmu.edu.

Accepting a Job or Internship Offer

As soon as you accept one offer (either full-time or an internship) you should withdraw any outstanding applications from other employers immediately. If you are invited to an interview after you have accepted an offer either verbally or in writing, you must decline the interview and inform the employer that you have accepted a position with another company/agency/firm. To do otherwise is a serious breach of ethics.

Unprofessional Communication Policy

Unprofessional or inappropriate communication via email or in-person will not be tolerated by the School of Business.  Students who have been found to use unprofessional or inappropriate communication with an employer, academic advisor, faculty, or staff member may be reported to Career Services; violators will be immediately blocked from Handshake. Students found in violation of this policy will have 5 business days to contact Kerry Willigan, Director of Career Services, to rectify the situation.

Appointment No Show & Late Cancellation Policy

A combination of 3 "Same Day Cancellations" or "No Shows" will result in the inability to make appointments with School of Business Career Services staff for the remainder of the semester in which the violations occur.

Handshake Application Policy

While searching Handshake, students who notice they "Do Not Qualify" for a position of interest may petition Career Services to manually be added to the applicant pool. Please email mycareer@gmu.edu with the following information. Upon review, Career Services will inform you of the status of the application.             

  1. JOB ID # listed in Handshake (you may send more than one).
  2. A copy of your transcript from any previous institutions.
  3. If you are not using your default resume, please indicate which document you prefer to submit to the employer.

On-Campus Interviewing  No Show & Late Cancellation Policy

Failing to attend OR failing to cancel a scheduled on-campus interview 48 business hours in advance of your interviewing time will result in being blocked from Handshake and the On-Campus Interviewing program. Please contact our office at 703-993-2140 or mycareer@gmu.edu to regain access to Handshake and the On-Campus Interviewing program. Should a second offense occur you will be permanently blocked from both Handshake and the On-Campus Interviewing program. 

Internship or Full-Time Job Offer Renege Policy

Reneging on an offer with an employer will result in being blocked from Handshake and the On-Campus Interviewing program. To renege is to go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract. In this context you have verbally or contractually agreed to commit to a job or internship offer and then withdrew. In order to regain access to Handshake you must contact Kerry Willigan, Director of Career Services, within 5 business days of being notified to rectify the situation.