AI contracts have special licensing needs to prevent bias, encourage transparency

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Federal Drive host Tom Temin interviews Benjamin McMartin, senior fellow of the Center for Government Contracting, on artificial intelligence and why bias and transparency is a necessary part of the discussion.

This podcast followed a Center White Paper written by McMartin and Major Andrew Bowne, "Implementing Responsible AI: Proposed Framework for Data Licensing" and a May 11, 2022 Center Symposium on Acquisition Next: Artificial Intelligence (Keynote, Government panel, Industry panel).

A critical question is "How do we develop licensing schemes within the current constructs that allows the department to get the type of information that you need to actually explain the results that you get from artificial intelligence?" Preventing bias in the data and providing transparency in how the data was developed are very much a part of this discussion. 

The podcast provided insights into why custom licensing frameworks can supplement FAR and DFAR schemes.

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