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No matter where your heart leads you—whether it is computers, engineering, art, music, communications, nursing, photography, or the sciences—eventually you will find yourself in a business environment. To succeed, you should possess basic business skills.

Add strength, breadth, and diversity to your degree with a minor from the School of Business. A business minor enhances your resume by complementing the knowledge of basic principles and practices of business with your bachelor’s degree from either the School of Business or other disciplines.

A business minor makes a major impact. It tells future employers that you know how a company works and that you have developed additional skills and perspectives, all of which give you an advantage in a competitive job market.

Enhance your degree to meet your career goals with one of our business minors:

Complement your major with the practical business skills you acquire in one of our School of Business minors. Learn more about the impact a business minor can have on your career:

The Power of a Business Minor

A Minor in Business Could be a Major Thing to Do


You are a successful network engineer. You work for a firm and see an opportunity for a promotion into management where you would supervise several other IT specialists and engineers. How will you manage your team?


Your graphic design business is picking up and you're ready to open your own company as a full-time freelance graphic designer. How will you identify new clients and structure your service charges?


You are majoring in the arts but realize that it may take some time to support yourself as an artist. What other skills can you offer that would make you employable?


As the lead singer for a rock band, you know how to work a stage and a crowd. How will you make sure your manager is negotiating good contracts for you?