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First time in college? A little nervous?

Set your concerns aside...you are not expected to know everything immediately. The most important thing to remember is to meet with your advisor regularly and periodically check this section of our website. This section is designed to help you have a successful academic career at George Mason University and prepare you for your future profession.

Make sure you know the answers to these frequently asked questions:


You probably are most concerned about what classes to take for your first semester. New freshman students will be advised for the first time and register for classes at Orientation. Students will not be able to meet with an academic advisor one on one until after attending orientation. You must attend the academic advising session to have your orientation marked complete to prevent an academic advising hold from being placed on your account after the last day to add classes.

Orientation will be held virtually to prepare for the fall 2020 semester. Below are the resources your academic advisors will discuss in your virtual academic advising session.

Orientation Resources


Virginia law requires that all graduate and undergraduate students submit immunization documentation. A hold will be placed on your account and a late fee assessed if you do not submit your complete immunization records by the posted deadline.

Welcome to George Mason University’s School of Business! Good luck on the beginning of your academic career!

1.      Pre-Requisite Chart and SBUS Policies handout

2.      School of Business Minimum Computing Requirements

3.      School of Business Academic Advising Syllabus

4.      Career Flyer (sent Kaleb an email)

5.      Minor Flyer (sent Max an email and he sent this to me)

6.      Tradition Keeper Booklet (sent Max an email and he sent this to me)

7.      LLC Flyer (sent Max an email and he sent this to me)

8.      Change of Major/Concentration form

9.      4-year plans

·         Accounting

·         Accounting A++ (I’m pretty sure Brad has an updated one for this?)

·         Business Analytics

·         Finance

·         Financial Planning and Wealth Management

·         Management 

·         Management Information Systems

·         Marketing

·         Operations and Supply Chain Management