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Transfer Students

The Office of Student Success and Academic Services welcomes you to your new community. Our goal is to make your transition to George Mason University successful and connect you with the various opportunities available to Patriots.

The following information should make your transition to Mason and the School of Business a little easier.


Orientation will be your first opportunity to meet with the School of Business academic advisors and select classes for your first semester. It is also a great way to receive important information about Mason and to interact with fellow students. Orientation is required, so you should register for an orientation session as soon as possible.

Once you submit your enrollment deposit, you will receive an invitation via the e-mail provided on your admissions application to attend a Pre-Orientation Workshop. While the workshop is not mandatory, it is an opportunity to connect with an academic advisor before attending orientation to get a head start on selecting classes for your first semester. It is important to note; pre-orientation workshops do not take the place of the university’s new student orientation which you are still required to attend.

Orientation will be held virtually to prepare for the fall 2020 semester. Below are the resources your academic advisors will discuss in your virtual academic advising session.

Orientation Resources:

All Transfers

The following checklist outlines the information you need to know now and in the future:

  • Transfer Matrix- Want to know what the Mason equivalent is for courses taken at your previous institution? Mason's Office of Admissions has provided some course equivalency information online. This is not a complete list for all schools.
  • Math Placement- if you have not taken a math equivalent to MATH 108, 113, or 114, you will need to take the Math Placement Test. Click here for more information.
  • Degree Works- this is your specific degree audit that provides the courses needed for you to obtain your degree. The School of Business requires its students to understand and review their Degree Works.
  • What courses should you take in your first semester? When you receive admission to George Mason University, you will receive a "Transfer Credit Evaluation" which lists the courses you took elsewhere and their respective course numbers at Mason. Using this worksheet and your Degree Works, you can determine the courses you have completed and those you have yet to complete.
  • Submit final transcripts- make sure to submit your final transcripts from all of your previous institutions. This includes submitting a transcript after completing any courses you are currently taking!
  • Missing courses? If there are courses you have taken that do not appear on your transfer credit evaluation you need to complete the Transfer Credit Inquiry Form that can be obtained online or from Mason's Office of Admissions in Johnson Center, room 213.
  • Immunization Requirement- Virginia law requires that all graduate and undergraduate students submit immunization documentation. A hold will be placed on your account and a late fee assessed if you do not submit your complete immunization records by the posted deadline.

Transferring from V.C.C.S. Institutions

The School of Business has a great working relationship with the Virginia Community College System, which makes the process of transferring relatively easy. Here are a couple of tips to make this transition even easier:

Finish your AA or AS at the community college before transferring to Mason.

  • With your degree completed, you may be eligible for Mason's Guaranteed Admission Agreement.
  • If you transfer before completing your degree, you may have to take additional courses to fulfill requirements.

Make certain that the Mason Admissions Office has a copy of your final transcript stating that you have earned your AA or AS degree. Without a final transcript, Mason's Office of Admissions cannot process your Guaranteed Admissions Agreement general education waiver.

Transferring from Non V.C.C.S. Institutions

We hope your transition from your previous institution is going smoothly. Often new transfer students have many questions that are unique to transferring:

If you have earned a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree (recognized by Mason) from another institution you may not be responsible for the University General Education (Mason Core) Requirements.

Courses not transferring as you think they should? If you have courses transferring in as electives (e.g., ACCT---, ECON---), but you think they are equivalent to Mason courses, you should link to our site on how to reevaluate transfer credits.