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Global Learning Opportunities

Business is a truly global enterprise that spans across borders and connects global citizens to each other. As we support and engage the next generation of business leaders, the George Mason University School of Business provides students with a range of opportunities to interact and learn from this global community. From study abroad programs to internationally focused courses, to our Mason campus located in Songdo, South Korea, the School of Business encourages all its students to utilize a global lens in their learning.

Student Spotlight

Jasmine Holmes, Sophomore

Holmes Jasmine MK photo

Major: BS in Business, Management concentration

Location of Study Abroad: Mason Korea Campus, Songdo, South Korea

Thoughts on studying abroad:
“Studying abroad in Korea was a life changing experience. I met amazing people and built strong friendships on my journey. We traveled all over Korea visiting places like Busan and every weekend was a new adventure in a new city. There’s something about exploring a new world that brings people closer together in unimaginable ways. Before I left, I was already planning on traveling back and made plans for when the Mason Korea students come to Fairfax. The classes I took were taught by knowledgeable professors and I was surrounded by hard working students. The atmosphere at Mason Korea encouraged students to study hard, but also have fun. The staff at Mason Korea were also very kind and encouraging towards the foreign students. They helped me sort the documents I needed for my visa and made the whole process a lot easier. I definitely recommend traveling to Mason Korea for students who want to broaden their horizons and experience a foreign country at an affordable price”

Holmes Jasmine MK photo2