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Global Learning Opportunities

Business is a truly global enterprise that spans across borders and connects global citizens to each other. As we support and engage the next generation of business leaders, the George Mason University School of Business provides students with a range of opportunities to interact and learn from this global community. From study abroad programs to internationally focused courses, to our Mason campus located in Songdo, South Korea, the School of Business encourages all its students to utilize a global lens in their learning.

Student Spotlight

Laquasia Legrand, Senior

sydney.llegrand student spotlight

Major: Double major in Accounting and Information Systems and Operations Management

Location of Study Abroad: University of Technology Sydney in Sydney, Australia

Thoughts on studying abroad:
"My study abroad experience in Sydney, Australia was the highlight of my entire college career. I was challenged academically, traveled alone to several countries throughout Southeast Asia and grew overall as a future business professional. I am confident to take on any global business ventures my future career provides."