George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

How to Study Abroad

To study abroad, work with both the George Mason Global Education Office and your School of Business academic advisor to develop your plan.


  1. Meet with your advisor to see if you are a good candidate for studying abroad
    • Review courses to take abroad: Previously approved courses can be found through the online database here.
      • Students in semester-long programs must maintain a minimum of 12 credits while studying abroad. Students are allowed to take 1 course online at Mason while abroad. Students are allowed to take one course online at Mason while abroad.
    • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor or come in for a walk-in.
  2. Decide where you want to go! Meet with the Global Education Office in the Johnson Center (RM 235)
    • Find your program
    • Discuss available resources
    • If you are interested in the Oxford semester or year-long program you will NOT use the database, you will work directly with your GEO advisor. 
    • If you are interested in a summer, winter, or spring break faculty-led program, you will also not use the database. 
  3. If the course you are interested in taking is NOT in the database you must get the course approved before taking it. 
    • Submit a course description, syllabus, and the requested Mason equivalent course by following the steps here.
      • ALL requests must include a course description AND syllabus
      • The status of the requests can be found in the student portal.
  4. Once your courses are approved you must complete the student study plan found in the third link in the database
    • You will enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address of the Advisor you have been working with. 
    • Each course must be entered in its own line
    • You will use ONLY the courses that have been approved for this plan. 
    • Academic Advisors will preview your plan and provide feedback.