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Barron’s Subscription Gift Provides Financial Platform for Faculty and Students

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Barrons ColorIn a new, unique three-way partnership, School of Business faculty and students now have access to a top-notch financial platform, Barron’s, which provides 24/7 online access to industry content. The subscription sponsorship is a two-year gift from the Barron’s in Education Program from Dow Jones and Paul Pagnato, founder and CEO of PagnatoKarp, a local independent multi-family office and wealth management firm.

“We are delighted to partner with George Mason University School of Business and PagnatoKarp to bring the Barron’s in Education program to students and faculty to enhance experiential learning and promote financial proficiency for tomorrow’s business leaders,” says Joe Lanza, director of Barron's in Education.

Barron’s goals are to spur educational growth, foster professional growth, and to learn from investing’s best minds. The average Barron’s subscriber has a personal income of $325,000 and a net worth of more than $4 million, with 26% holding C-suite titles.

“Barron's is a unique finance platform offering very high-quality reporting that is often not found anywhere else. We have been using Barron's with great success in both undergraduate and graduate classes,” says Alex Philipov, finance area chair and associate professor.

Pagnato wanted to sponsor Barron’s for School of Business faculty and students because education is his passion. PagnatoKarp’s mission is to positively impact one million lives through True Fiduciary® transparency.

“School of Business students deserve more real-time experience to improve their financial literacy. Professors now have a tool to teach the students and work on live real-time cases through the Barron’s publication. The professors can now integrate that into the curriculum and it’s at no cost to the students,” says Pagnato.

Pagnato, ranked #16 on Barron’s Top Independent Financial Advisors, describes Barron’s as a forward-thinking publication that can be utilized by students as they prepare to enter the workforce. He says students now have access to the same content utilized by financial professionals, C-suite executives and CEOs.

“The content and information they’re reading is geared towards that demographic, which is perfect for someone graduating business school to understand what they are thinking and what they want. I believe Barron’s writers are experienced, transparent, and create good content,” he says.

"The School of Business appreciates the support of community and corporate partners alike in making the Barron’s in Education Program from Dow Jones possible,” says Dean Maury Peiperl. “Thank you, Paul and Barron’s, for providing faculty and students with valuable, real-time content, which will aid in research, projects, case studies, and more within the financial realm.”

Pagnato says he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to sponsor George Mason University School of Business because “partnerships like this have a direct benefit on the students and faculty that share our same community.”

“This is the future. We have to reinvest in the future and the next generation. Students that are in class now are the future business leaders and entrepreneurs for our country, which is absolutely critical for growth. All of us have a responsibility to give back and reinvest, and this is one way that makes an immediate impact.”