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Our PhD degree program in Business prepares our graduates to serve as business school faculty members. Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, we train our students to conduct impactful research that will shape business for generations to come. Our goal is to create thinkers, graduates who understand that ideas will shape not only their own success but collectively how academics better comprehend and improve the business world. At every step of the program, we work with our students to bring out their passions and interests while providing them world-class training.

In our program, we expose our students to a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to research, writing, and teaching across the sub-disciplines of business. We provide our students with a thorough understanding of how to conduct research to create new knowledge in the field of business, how to apply that knowledge in service to businesses and organizations, and how to teach others to apply that knowledge themselves. By providing training in all of the major areas of faculty activity, our program prepares graduates to work in higher education.

Our program offers four areas of concentration:

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Strategic Management
  3. Information Systems
  4. Operations and Supply Chain Management

These concentrations reflect research strengths in the School of Business, and these concentrations prepare students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the program to academic settings in these domains. For more information on each concentration, please click on the Curriculum tab on the sidebar menu.