Samer Takieddine

Costello College of Business Faculty Samer Takieddine
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Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 993-8162
Office Location: Enterprise Hall 144
Office Hours: By Appointment


Samer Takieddine is an assistant professor within the Information Systems and Operations Management Area in the Costello College of Business at George Mason University. 

He holds a PhD in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods from the University of Texas – Pan American. His research areas include Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Management Support Systems, Data Mining, ICT Diffusion, e-Commerce, Information Security, and Social Networks. He has published in the Information & Management, Information Technology for Development, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, and International Journal of Electronic Finance, as well as in numerous conference proceedings.

Research and Awards


  • Andoh-Baidoo, F.K, Chavarria, J., Jones, M., Wang, Y, and Takieddine, S. (2022). Examining the State of Empirical Business Intelligence and Analytics Research: A Poly-theoretic Approach. Information & Management, 59(6) 
  • Asamoah, D., Takieddine, S., and Amedofu, M. (2020). Examining the effect of mobile money transfer (MMT) capabilities on business growth and development impact. Information Technology for Development, 26(1), pp. 146-161.
  • Takieddine, S. and Sun, J. (2015). Internet Banking Diffusion: A Country-Level Analysis. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 14(5), pp. 361–371.
  • Takieddine, S. and Andoh-Baidoo, F.K. (2014). An exploratory analysis of internet banking adoption using decision tree induction. Int. J. Electronic Finance, 8(1), 1–20. 

Conference Proceedings

  • Abed, M., and Takieddine, S. (2018). A Comparative Analysis of E-Government Implementation between MENA Region Countries and Lebanon. Proceedings, SouthWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2018, Albuquerque, NM. P. 351-358 
  • Takieddine, S., Chavarria, J., and Wang, Y. (2017). The Evolution of Management Support Systems. Proceedings, MidWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2017, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Takieddine, S. (2015). A security model for internet banking adoption: perceived security of the personal computer, the internet, and the bank’s IT system. Proceedings, SouthWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2015, Houston, TX.
  • Takieddine, S. (2014). Plastic payment cards use’s relationship with internet banking use: An Exploratory Study. Proceedings, Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2014, Tampa, FL.
  • Takieddine, S. and Minor, M. (2014). Examining Facebook users intended image online: the case of adults. Proceedings, SouthWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2014, Dallas, TX. P. 551-559
  • Takieddine, S. and Andoh-Baidoh, F. (2013). Using data mining to predict internet banking adoption. Proceedings, SouthWest Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2013, Albuquerque, NM. P. 1321-1329