George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Concentration

Mason’s operations and supply chain management (OSCM) concentration is devoted to the management of resources and processes used by an organization to produce goods or services. Students with an OSCM concentration learn how to perform strategic and tactical planning, enabling them to efficiently and effectively manage the activities involved in transforming organizational resources into customer value. OSCM students acquire modeling, business analytics, and technology skills for addressing a range of business problems.

If you are interested in improving and managing processes and supply chain operations while managing people and technology in businesses and organizations spanning service, retail, manufacturing, consulting, public sector (including government contracting), and nonprofit organizations, then the operations and supply chain management concentration is for you.

In this concentration, you will learn to:

  • Design and improve organizational processes
  • Analyze and manage supply chain operations
  • Manage projects efficiently and effectively
  • Implement Total Quality Management in an organization
  • Make optimal resource allocation decisions
  • Manage and improve online and omnichannel retail business operations
  • Leverage information systems for managing business operations
  • Implement analytics projects to improve supply chain operations

Learning goals for the operations and supply chain management concentration:

  • Appreciate the strategic importance of operations and supply chain management and understand how they need to be integrated with other functions of the organization.
  • Apply knowledge of business functions and information technology to understand their application in designing, assessing, and improving business processes.
  • Analytical Decision Making: Demonstrate the ability to analyze uncertain and complex managerial problems using appropriate tools, techniques, and information systems for decision-making.
  • Communication: Demonstrate written, oral, and presentation skills necessary to explain problems and solutions effectively and persuasively.

Operations and supply chain management faculty mentors can provide additional information on operations and supply chain management jobs. For more information about the faculty mentor program, please contact businfo@gmu.edu.

View the operations and supply chain management curriculum in the current University Catalog or University Catalog Archives. You can also find a sample four-year plan on the Resources page.