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Still Exploring Business Concentrations

If you want to pursue a business degree but are undecided on which business concentration to declare, you can select "still exploring business" on your application.

The business curriculum for the first two years is common across all business concentration and builds the foundational knowledge you will need for upper level courses. This gives you the opportunity to learn and explore several business concentrations while still earning the required credits needed to graduate on time.

As a freshman, you will take two courses designed to give you an introduction to business that will assist you in deciding which concentration is right for you.

  • Business and Society: This course helps you develop an understanding of the role of business in society, the history of business, and current hot button issues in business.
  • Developing Professional Skills I: This course teaches you what it means to be a professional, how to be successful in the business school, the role of different business functions, and career paths in each major.

Learn more about business foundations courses.

Career Services
Our Career Services Office provides opportunities for you to learn about career paths in each concentration through its ProfessionalQuest Networking and Industry Panel Series. They also can help you find an internship so that you can explore a career path prior to selecting a business concentration

Faculty Mentors
Faculty mentors in each concentration are ready to talk with you about their concentration and how you can use it post-graduation. Academic advisers can help you understand the requirements of each concentration. Business foundations faculty members are also available to mentor.

Declaring Your Concentration
When you are ready, declaring your concentration is easy. Just complete a Declaration of Academic Concentration form and bring it to the Office of Student Success and Academic Services in 008 Enterprise Hall.

Incoming freshman should declare a concentration by the end of their sophomore year, and transfer students should declare by the end of their first semester of junior year. Following those guidelines will help you stay on track for graduation.

Join the School of Business, and let us help you find the concentration that’s right for you.