George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Information Systems and Operations Management

The content of the ISOM major is at the intersection of technology, process, and people.

ISOM students acquire a solid foundation in the management of both business operations and information technology. The ISOM curriculum emphasizes business-relevant concepts of information technology and the design and management of technology-driven business solutions. The major teaches students to leverage their knowledge of Information Systems, Operations Management, and business fundamentals to design, improve, and manage business processes.

ISOM graduates typically fill organizational roles that require them to solve business problems by identifying suitable process improvements and accompanying technological solutions. Our recent graduates work in major organizations where they define business requirements, identify and design suitable IT-driven business solutions, and support the management of complex technology projects.

Skills Needed
•Interest in use of technology by business and government
•Keen eye for problem identification
•Interest in designing innovative technological solutions

Job responsibilities include
•Applying information technology to deliver a business capability
•Assisting in making appropriate corporate investments into business technology
•Documenting, modeling and analyzing business processes for automation and improvement
•Identifying requirements for business process improvements and technological solutions
•Planning and  designing IT-driven business solutions
•Quality management and control
•Testing and evaluating existing and new operational and information systems
•Managing operations in a supply chain