Evolution of the Chief Information Technology Officer

Business has continued to evolve as new advances in technology have been made. With this evolution, the role of the chief information technology officer (also called the chief information officer or the CIO), has grown increasingly important in strategic planning in modern organizations. As information technology has become and remains an integral component in everyday business, the chief information technology officer role will continue to hold such importance.

chief information technology officer areas of responsibility


The graphic here shows a quick snapshot of all the areas that a chief information technology officer has a hand in today. The chief information technology officer usually reports to the chief executive officer (CEO), the chief operating officer (COO) or the chief financial officer (CFO). The chief information technology officer is generally responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support the organization’s goals.

George Mason’s Master’s in Technology Management degree program provides technology professionals with an executive-level perspective and the right skill portfolio to pursue the role of a chief information technology officer or other high level information technology management positions.

The infographic below shows the timeline of the last six decades of growth of the chief information technology officer role. It’s surprising to think that the first technology management degree programs were offered in the 70s or that the title of CIO was coined as early as 1980, since so much has changed since then. Today, the role is just as much about technology innovation as it is managing information technology.

chief information technology officer evolution



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J.P. Auffret

I am director of the executive degree programs in the George Mason School of Business including the MS in Technology Management, MS in Management of Secure Information Systems, and Executive MBA. Additionally, I am a co-founder of the International Academy of CIO and serves as an advisory board member of the Waseda eGovernance Research Center.

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