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A higher federal minimum wage is not sufficient. It is time for companies to share profits with workers.
Rashed Hasan - Business Insider - Mar 23, 2021

"As our leaders continue to play political games, the lives of more than 50% of Americans are on the edge of a cliff — for roughly 64 million households, an unexpected $400 bill would push them into bankruptcy."

Look for the government to force boards to diversify if companies won’t
Rashed Hasan - Market Watch - December 1, 2020
"Boardrooms, as they stand now, are monolithic. Many board seats are filled by executives of other successful companies; the prevailing wisdom was, they succeeded and ran a profitable business, they can help us do the same. But these flawed assumptions led to some exclusionary practices and blocked women and people of color from positions of power."

How activist investors risk triggering even more automation, job losses and wealth inequality
Derek Horstmeyer and Lisa Gring-Pemble - Market Watch - June 16, 2020

"While it is heartening to see investors place their attention and emphasis behind enhancing working conditions, if their ambitions are narrowly defined then such demands may have the unintended consequence of creating additional unemployment through increased automation." 

B4BW's Work and Mission

Kaiser Permanente Grant Will Advance Mason’s Community Health Efforts
George Mason - June 2, 2021
Kaiser Permanente Commits $175,000 to George Mason University to Support Social Health in Northern Virginia
Kaiser Permanente Corporate Communications - June 2, 2021
Kaiser Permanente has committed $175,000 to the Mason and Partners Clinics and B4BW. The grant will enable Mason to serve as the lead anchor partner in a collaborative initiative to remove barriers to health and expand access to the resources needed to thrive for residents in the Bailey’s Crossroads/Culmore neighborhood of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Creating Interdisciplinary Platforms to Address the SDGs – The Honey Bee Initiative
PRiME Time - June 9, 2020

Lisa Gring-Pemble and German Perilla are interviewed to explain how the Center's Honey Bee Initiative addresses declining honeybee populations, food security, and economics by bringing together the diverse fields of art, business, education, and science. 

Embedding the SDGs into Business Education – focus on the Business for a Better World Center of George Mason University’s School of Business
PRiME Time - May 25, 2020
Anne Magro and Lisa Gring-Pemble discuss how B4BW is working to reshape business education so that students are inspired to see business as a force for good in the world, and act accordingly during their own careers. 

Affiliate Faculty and Research

B4BW Affiliate Faculty Niki Vlastara Says Changing Consumer Behavior is the way to Ensure a Sustainable Future
SBUS - May 18, 2021
Assistant professor for Marketing, Niki Vlastara, spoke with B4BW about her research, which attempts to understand how best to engage and convince both customers and corporations to act with people, planet, and prosperity in mind.

Doing More with Less. Talking Sustainability with B4BW Affiliate Faculty Yannis Bellos
SBUS - April 12, 2021
Associate professor for Information Systems and Operations Management, Yannis Bellos, sits down with B4BW to discuss his research, his work with the Center, and how he became so engaged with sustainability.