George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

The Global Residency: TECM 752 Global Technology Management

The global residency is a three-credit course that is the central component of the Global IT Leadership theme. This course provides a real-world, hands-on experience that focuses on technology trends and business opportunities and challenges outside the U.S. market. Developing a global mindset is a required skill for technology leaders today. Students study the language, culture, history, geography, and current business trends in the country.

This study abroad opportunity includes approximately one week of intense participation in business meetings, site visits to multinational and local companies, and interactions with C-level executives, technology leaders, and government officials. The global residency is offered during the summer term, the first week of June. Emerging markets are a focus of the Global IT Leadership theme. These markets represent huge market and business opportunities for the future.

South Africa is the destination for the global residency for 2020. Students will visit Johannesburg and Cape Town. This market represents many challenges and opportunities for business and provides a rich learning experience for students to explore business differences, similarities and technology trends in this part of the world. Students learn to assess technology innovation and management from a global business perspective.

Students from prior classes describe the global residency as a valuable learning experience and a highlight of the program. Tuition covers travel costs including lodging, on-ground transportation, most meals and the flight between destinations. Flights to and from South Africa are not included. Spouses and guests may NOT accompany students on this residency.